Have a GMG Daniel Boone too.... *Link*

...which is the middle unit for size.

Davy Crocket is the small tailgater size that runs on 12 VDC.

Daniel Boone is the mid size unit, runs on 110 VAC. It can smoke up to two 20 lb turkeys.

Jim Bowie is the big unit. This is the one for those who routinely feed large groups in addition to their own family.

These are pellet burners. I know there are a lot of people against pellet grills and smokers, and hey, if you want to use real wood and charcoal, pony up and get a Big Green Egg and don't look back.

Keep the temps in the 180 to 220 degree range and it's a smoker. Go above 220 and it's a wood fired grill, but uses indirect heat.


It will do a really decent job of smoking. It is an absolute, total myth that you cannot get a smoke ring using a pellet smoker. I do it all the time, and so do many others. The smoke ring does not depend on what kind of smoker but how the smoke interacts with the natural chemicals inside the meat.

It cooks evenly, albeit slowly at lower temps. VIO likes her meat well done. Most gas grills cook too fast because they do not work well at mid temp settings. So you get dried out well done meat. With the GMG I can make a well done steak for her that is still moist inside.

It fires up to temp reasonably quick. Not as fast as gas. But not as slow as a Big Green Egg. I can smoke and cook all day, or fire it up hot for hamburgers and hot dogs.


If you like seared meat, you will either have to place a cast iron searing pan in the smoker and get it hot, or use an auxiliary grill or stove to do that. There have been some sear grids offered aftermarket. And most who sear like this do a reverse sear, that is, searing after cooking.

The grill has to be shutdown following a sequence or it may have problems on next fire up. I turn the temp to lowest setting and let it idle down while eating. When done, I then follow the shut down sequence. Which is hitting the down arrow twice. First time is temp setting, second is shut down mode. The induction fan blows into the firebox to burn out all remaining pellets. This prevents a "log jam" or a roaring fire upon next start up. Reason why I let it drop temp first is that this puts less ash into the cooking area.

The pellets cannot get wet or they swell badly. I've never had a problem with the pellets in the hopper getting wet, but a few have.


There is a wifi remote control interface board with a smart phone app. Cost is $100. I think it's worth it as a temp monitor. It monitors grill temp, and you can also use a temp probe for the meat. You can also program sequences for dual smoking and cooking. I use it mainly as a monitor.

Grill cover. Well worth it.

I'm having a problem with a fuse holder, and need to replace it. Other than that, have had no problems.

Size. The Daniel Boone will easily do a 25 lb turkey, and can do two 20 pounders thought tight. If you need more, get the Jim Bowie, but be aware it has two pellet burners in it and consumes a lot more pellets. The tailgater size Davy Crockett can do one 20 lber, though some claim they got a 22 pounder in it. You can run the Davy Crockett at home if you come up with a 110 VAC to 12 VDC power source of suitable amperage.

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