You mean like it's the 1980's again?

We had five channels on TV: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and an independent. No cable. No internet.
* OK, no TV. I only watch what I want to watch, and with the exception of one local digital channel that plays westerns, no loss.

Movies were on tape. Music was on records or tape.
* Have a decent DVD collection. Have some music on CD's and MP3.

No cell phones. Car phones existed. Expensive, and calls were $5 a minute. You were special if you had a pager.
* Hopefully cell phones would still function without the internet. House no longer wired for hard line.

Books contained most knowledge and also were used for entertainment.
* Have a lot of books or books in pdf format, both reference and fiction. I'm a bookworm.

Hobbies and activities were physical not virtual.
* Plenty of hobbies to keep me busy at home. (Too many according to VIO.)

Social interaction with friends and family was via phone or in person.
* That's the biggie. My social interaction is mainly via snugbus or Fascistbook. I don't visit with many friends anymore. Some have passed away, some moved away, some have drifted away. I'd really miss BCR's on snugbus. I really miss some of my old hunting and shooting partners.

An issue: Online ordering has become important. Because for many things it's become a pain in the ass dealing with local companies. Many simply do not have what I want, and aren't in a position to get it. And this is a huge part of the economy now. I can't see shutting down the internet short of the government declaring war on citizens. Of course, this logic probably does not apply to Dems, since Dems do not use logic. Nor apparently do they care about the economy, other than to see it fail so Orange Man can be voted out.

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