Anybody cancelled a vacation this summer due to coronavirus?

We (family) bought tickets last December for a vacation in England/France/etc., in June and July 2020. We also bought the insurance that pays you back for the tickets if you are sick or injured (or other conditions) after you bought them but before the flight takes off.

Shortly afterward, coronavirus reared its ugly head. We're pretty sure the shit will still be hitting the fan by mid-June when we were scheduled to depart, and will likely cancel the vacation.

Some of the "other conditions" listed in the policy that justify payment, is (a) If we are quarantined; or (b) the Destination is made Inaccessible by Natural Disaster.

None of us currently has coronavirus, and I'm assuming we still won't by our departure date (knock wood). But the President has ordered that no one can come here from England (and many other places) until further notice. And we are also worried about sitting for 10+ hours in a long, skinny metal tube with recirculated air and 300 other people (747-8).

Technically I suppose we are not "quarantined". And a Presidential Order might not be considered a "Natural Disaster". But the existence of coronavirus worldwide, might be considered a "Natural Disaster". I figure it's our best shot at getting the insurance company to pay up the price of our tickets.

Has anybody done a cancellation like this due to coronavirus, and then had to deal with the flight-insurance company? How did it go?

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