I am being slammed over email for selling ammo.

I listed some ammo locally for sale. Most of this is stuff I bought at the height of the 2015 panic and I way way overpaid for it. But some of it was ammo I'd never seen for sale (mostly USGI stuff).

So, I bought a bit.

I've been sitting on it for almost 5 years. Decided to sell it. I'm taking a loss at what I paid in 2015. But apparently I am asking "way over a fair price."

I'm confused. I'm taking a loss after 5 years. And getting hammered as a "gouger" over email.

I've been told numerous times that I need to price it near "what it was just a few weeks ago and not take advantage of the current situation because we (gunowners) are all in this together.

Not one person has email me offering to buy it at my asking price.

I've had over 45 (by 7PM tonight) emails telling me I am basically ripping people off because of my prices. One guy sent me photos from his local gun store showing me the prices of 9mm and .45ACP. The stickers on the shelves. The empty shelves. Told me to honor that "market price."

What say the hive?

Am I an evil gouger?

What price should I ask for my ammo?

Should I go sell it on Gun Broker with a low Buy it Now? Doesn't seem fair to let the market set the price if its going to piss everyone off.

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