grocery store report

guy in a half-face respirator and gloves loading SIX frozen turkeys into his cart, a case of canning jars, multiple packages of frozen vegetables, misc stuff, and....a tomato plant.
A few other folks in masks and gloves.
No TP, paper towels, or packaged bread. Fresh bread in the bakery.
Had meat, but no ground beef or pasta sauce. Tuna was back. No eggs and milk was thin.

Manager lady said folks were buying six gallons of milk before they limited it to one gallon. WTF?
Maybe that's why they need all the TP.

Our cashier buddy gal said they had TP in the back, but were bringing it out throughout the day due to hoarding. Offered us some, but we are good (have a Toto washlet, so my TP use is minimal).

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