What is it about 'getting older' and wobbly knees?

Turned 65 a few months ago and up until then I felt, acted, endured like I was 45. in EVERY WAY. Ahem.

Still power-walking between 3 and 5 miles a day depending on schedule. Zip up ladders to do routine chores around the house, etc., etc.

But starting just after that birthday it's like someone flipped a YOU ARE NOW OLD switch.

Da fuk?

The worst is achy-breaky, wobbly fuking knees such that even walking ONE mile is now a torture endurance test. Climbing ladders, especially to work on the roof is a date with serious injury or death it seems, where it was a non-issue before.

W T F.

I have an annual physical coming up in a couple months and knowing my doctor he's going to push some pills on me. In the meantime, if any one can explain what is going on and what I can do/take/exercise for it to go away/be like it was before on my own, THANK YOU.

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