Anyone else have idiot family members?

1) So COVID-19 has infected one of my distant relatives, 70, overweight. Got off of cruise in Miami 02 MAR or airborne through ATL. Now his wife has it at home. Quarantined after relatives told them not to go. I spoke to my 3rd cousin via FB and all the children were pleading with "its just the flu bro" parents.

2) Young cousins in Denver DRIVE to parents in MO. Then drove to Disney. Hes a 40 yo lawyer, wife and 6 year old. Drove 3 days to have Disney shut in their face AFTER PEOPLE SAID DON'T GO. They hit FL beach to have THAT closed on them.

3) In law cousin liberal art moron is arguing over friends/relatives to not calling it the "China Flu" vs COVID 19 and that they are racists while showing night life parties in Seattle . AFTER family members plead to social distance themselves.

4) Finally, my FIL and MIL in Idaho ran out of toilet paper! I mean OUT after we have told them since JAN to start prepping. AFTER my wife told them a storm's comin'. We may have to mail them TP, but I told my wife, "fuckem". We told them and practically begged them to fill those pantries. They are CA transplants and did not get a good response from neighbors this AM and called to us to bitch about it.

I'm certain that alot of people are going to die because of "me me me" attitude. Utter fucking morons. You got any like that?

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