P.V. already posted that info from CDC

P.V. already posted that information from the CDC. Some people may have missed it; others may have been too lazy to
follow the link.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and look for a caption reading:
"Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) Mortality Surveillance "

You'll see a graph that looks like a sine wave with a red trace overlaying it.
Just below that graph you'll see a link "View chart data" which opens an excel
spread sheet.

I'll summarize a salient portion:

For the *UNITED STATES* during the *FIRST WEEK* of Jan 2018:
1,165 people *DIED* from influenza. An additional 5,156 people *DIED* from Pneumonia.

In the *SECOND WEEK* of Jan 2018:
1,536 people *DIED* from influenza. An additional 5,583 people *DIED* from Pneumonia.

In the *THIRD WEEK* of Jan 2018:
1,626 people *DIED* from influenza. An additional 5,412 people *DIED* from Pneumonia.

In the *FORTH WEEK* of Jan 2018:
1,448 people *DIED* from influenza. An additional 5,187 people *DIED* from Pneumonia.

By my quick and dirty eyeball count, that's over 5,000 in the US who died from influenza ALONE in *ONE MONTH*
Over 20,000 from pneumonia. How many of them do you think were on ventilators at their end-stage? Did you
hear a peep that there were a shortage of vents, or ICU beds? Neither did I. It wasn't a problem then, and it isn't
going to a problem now.

The number of people in the US who died from COVID-19 could be rolled into the flu data and it
wouldn't ever raise an eyeball, nor look like a statistical anomaly. It would be background noise
in the data.

Refresh my memory. Did the Government crash the economy in 2018? Did you even hear it on the news?

I only posted the numbers for ONE MONTH!

This is why I have posted repeatedly that this is one giant nothing-burger. More people die in any flu
season than will die from the Wuhan virus. A lot of deep-state opportunists and Democrats have
glommed on to the panic mongering in order to sabotage Trump's historic economic growth.

He was played like a fiddle. All this economic destruction for nothing. Many small businesses, which
employ a large percentage of the population, unfortunately exist paycheck to paycheck (like most Americans)
and will not be able to weather the storm. They'll go under, and their staffs will become unemployed.
This economic damage may drag on for a couple of years. All for nothing.

The media has everyone jacked to the limit. Turn it off. Stop looking. Go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.
Decompress. The world isn't coming to an end. More people will die from the flu in any given month; yet,
we still have people on this board who (while currently are losing their minds over COVID-19) proudly brag
that they *NEVER* get a flu shot. Go figure!

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