Friend's family were paid by the CDC to exhume ancestors graves in ND:
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Seem to recall the CDC gave Granny a $500 check to grave rob family for samples
She was the last of the kids above ground

Bunch of towns in the Red River Valley vanished back then in both ND and NW MN
I can take you to places where there stands an enormous Catholic Church, huge graveyard but nothing else up here
you look at markers, most are from the flu back then. Everything is now gone but the community church

Warsaw ND is one of those
well it still has maybe a dozen homes, used to have a bar
nothing else though other than a rather grand brick built church and residence for the priest and nuns
oh and a huge graveyard
After the flu decimated the town most survivors abandoned it

Now we need to put all this in context Kev:

This was a semi decent sized rural farm town maybe 30 miles north of Grand Forks ND when it hit
back then nobody was really driving in from anywhere. This was ALL transmitted via rail and there was not a great deal of folks hopping the train between Grand Forks & Warsaw either

Both my Grandads lived through this shit, obviously survived
so what happened then ?

Well up here when a community was known to be infected rail policy was no more stops there
they actually would dump off crates at the edge of town
folks could come in same way but it was Hotel California, nobody was picked up anymore
some communities once isolated became even more driven by faith and well plenty were infected at Mass
yeah Churches became a main vector for transmission

One grandad always referred to Churches as the "Dead House"
in his late teens he saw assholes actually DIE there
a bunch of them who came in wheezing their last breath to die in a pew
His mom's, a hard holy roller banned her family from entering the religious sick house
they survived

The 1918 pandemic has long been a teaching moment with me for younger guys & gals. I would take them to these places and explain what had went on & how it will occur once again
This isn't it yet
but it will happen someday

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