It's happened before. *Link*

The 1918 'Spanish' flu was a reemergence of the N1H1 strain from the 1830's/40's. It existed in the population until going extinct in 1957. It was pushed out by N2H2 and no longer existed in the human population. That's why research labs needed to go dig the mfer back up out of a frozen grave so they'd have something lethal to play with. They found it, they revived it, and as far as is known it's still contained in labs worldwide. Turns out they didn't really need to do all that digging because some lab somewhere(China or Russia)had saved samples of the H1N1 and we found out about it when it was turned back loose into the population in 1977. We know it was a lab release because it was the 1950 mutation of the virus and we know it came from China or Russia due to where the infection cluster started.

None of these labs are ever or can ever be 'safe'. 'Cause people.

Very long video(1hr+)but fascinating on many levels. Well worth watching since no sportsball.

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