Handwashing nitrile works great for task/task repeatability...

Takes you out of vector roll and keeps from burning up so many gloves. Really effective for general use.

Example: got pizza last night. Guy brings to curb, wearing gloves, and I think: if those gloves are compromised, I'm toast. If he changed every hand off, better, but not if he uses poor strip/Don practices, where he reinfects the new gloves each time. Wash or huge dollop of sanitizer on gloves goes miles toward increasing anti-vector effects. And you can really clean them well. Claw-in-hand technique is great for digit 2-5 fingertips. Thumb, as always, has to be addressed individually, the lil rebel.

Just be careful about breaching water over the cuff, or you'll have to change them. Otherwise, prune fingers.

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