You guys are both idiots.

Well pumps are just a conspiracy engineered by the electric companies to get you to use electricity.
The easiest way to lift water is to sink, say, a 4" well and go about 100' below the water table. Then inside the 4" casing you drop a 1" pipe all the way to the bottom. Water pressure in the 4" pipe is going to be 4 times (actually more, because a 1" pipe has far less cross sectional area) greater than the water pressure in the 1"pipe because atmospheric pressure has more surface area to push down on in the 4" pipe. This pressure differential will cause the water to rise in the 1" pipe. Once the water reaches the top of the pipe, you let it run back into the 4" pipe using a valve assembly which fills the 4" pipe with water causing the pressure to increase even more, because the weight of the water in the pipe OVER the water table magnifies the pressure, which in turn causes more pressure at the bottom, and raises the pressure in the one inch pipe. Once the 4" pipe has filled, you switch the valve and water self pumps out of the 1" pipe at crazy high water pressure which you can use to feed your house, irrigate, or whatever else you want to use it for.
This is called the Johnson effect, and was discovered by Navin Johnson in 1979.
Google it.

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