Pet Peeve

Due to the nature of my job, I have had to call emergency call centers on occasion, and probably more so than the average person. One of my pet peeves is that some of the people working at those call centers have no clue about how to use latitude and longitude grid coordinates, regardless of format.

Whenever I walk into one of the call centers, I make it a point to ask, "Do you know how to find someone if they gave you a latitude and longitude grid coordinate?" I normally get, "Oh yes, we have had training on how to do that, but I don't remember."

It's like they don't realize that there are places on this planet, and in the U.S., that don't have street addresses and they are not "near" an intersection. I'm guessing that the people who work in these emergency call centers don't get out of the city much.

Rant is not off ... still peeved.

Thanks In Advance

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