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Well like all data and stats, graphs can be manipulated to show their producer's goal. My eyes got crossed with too much. Bottom line it's a bit like throwing bones and reading them, all in how one interprets the puzzle. Yet we have the need to try to make some anticlerical sense of the unknown.

I'm afraid it's not going to get real until we start to see names missing from the rolls here. Face it we are an older crowd and more susceptible to the ravages of this disease. Mass numbers aren't going to matter when it's each one of us that matters. We need to keep working on prevention/s and home remedies as a family. Keep spreading the word here.

My thoughts for going forward are simple; Fallow a Circadian Rhythm, get lots of sleep, also get lots of sunshine> vit-D. Take as much vit-C as you can get. This really helps the ROS (Reactive Oxygen Specie) that we all are. If you are an A-type blood it seems we need to be extra vigilant. Even type O too. Not sure why this is but file it away for a rainy day. Drink lots of pure water.

WE must do what we can or each other (here) and for our neighbors and family. Stay strong and get ready for the re-boot.

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