pretty much a random situation in my opinion:

Yes, this blip on the historical Radar is going to be abused to further certain Agendas
same happened with the 911 Attacks which killed more folks in America the Fuck DEAD and did that feat in one short day

Overall, I'm pretty disgusted
Oh' I get some of the mass Panic
you know what ?
it's largely driven by folks thinking Oh Shit ! I might not be able to leave my home for days at a time !
part of this is righteous fear over Governments doing shit, borderline martial law edicts and it's heading fast in that direction

Certain Agendas ALWAYS take advantage of these moments

Does anyone really think the Patriot Act was written in a matter of Days ?
It was based all on existing Want Lists by Federal LE types
now those same thinkers want to advance the next stage where they can basically suspend Civil Rights based upon Emergency declarations. Understand that was part of what was being pushed inside the Patriot Act initially

There are a mess of Continuity of Government garbage on the books
started during the Cold War
Clinton stacked in a pile in the lead up to the Y2K non event & GW added more post 911
this wasn't by design, just certain folks taking advantage of circumstance

Currently the Liberals are pushing their things
Gun Control
People Control in general

Republicans in Congress are no better right now either
they have their own Agenda of Control and Public Order

Now here's the thing:
many are already rebelling
some have brought up younger peoples not following all the drama driven mandates, recommendations.
I am not of that Generation but in my opinion this Jumped the Shark in a big way
some precautions were sensible. Cancelling massed closed in gatherings for example

Gun Shows for example
bunch of 50+ people and many in poor health milling through crowds
ideal transfer vector
shit figure a third or more are smokers
Bars are another bad one

Thing is Shelter in Place orders just piss me off
Freedom of Movement Peoples
that's key in driving these early stages of rebellion against the Man

yeah, I AM Concerned about the spread
My mother is in a Nursing Home that's been under lock down for a week and a half now
Father is late 80s, still at home and vibrant
Thankfully there are no cases of da' Plague up here as yet

anyways as yet I still see it as much ado about actually little
a "blip" unless it mutates even further
so far the zealousness as far as I see it will crash small business Coast to Coast yet do little else.
The Natives even closed Casinos a few days ago in MN which is likely a good thing.

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