Random chance,...near 100%. *Link*

I just don't see any validity to this particular conspiracy theory. I'm more than 50% convinced that it is a release from the Wuhan lab, but WAY on the side of an accidental and inevitable release due to sloppiness, ineptitude, hubris, and general Chinese character(political and hierarchical Chinese system). Truthfully I'm down on the entire branch of 'science' that thinks it's fun to experiment with things that can ONLY result in eventual extinction of the human race. The Chinese have let these things loose on several occasions and we're far from perfect ourselves. NOBODY is perfect enough to toy with this shit. Nuke it all,.....and then nuke anyone who cries about it.

This Event 201 thing is nothing new. Gates has been talking about this for years. Lot of people have,.....that's why it's been a subject of books and movies for decades. It's totally foreseeable. Inevitable. We keep poking the tiger until it bites us. It's what we do.

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