Read it intently.

I can see why it was pulled. I can't argue with any authority against it but I think I could pull some bits of it apart. Like Sam said, the first half seems pretty solid. Much less impressed with the back half and did anyone else notice how disjointed it is? Man, the last dozen paragraphs read like something disgorged from a blender. Cut-n-paste city, non-sentences, contradictory. Struggled through it though, all the way to the end where it said "vote Trump out of office". Wish he'd said that first,......would have saved me half an hour of reading.

FWIW, ZH constantly locks up my computer. Most 'news' sites do, but they're the worst. Had to reload the page a dozen times to get through it all which is better than normal. Half the time ZH locks me up so tight I have to shut down completely and reboot. It IS a Russian propaganda site, isn't it.

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