Agree on the gloves, absolutely.

1st, nitrile gloves are absolutely not as craggy/porus as skin. Fingerprints are enormous valleys under magnification, and skin is flaky looking filth. Though gloves have surface features too, less so than skin. Dish pan hands exacerbate this.

Second, 'where is the garden?' The nail beds are the harbors, and unless the handwashing routine involves brushes, they escape direct washing friction. The bugs harbor there, and though they are not direct touch points, they are a fraction of a millimeter away. Chicks and their long fingernails exacerbate this, given that the extended nonwash angle walks the residual harbor anteriorly/volarly.

We wear nitrile, and handwash them.

This is all singing to the choir for you; I just wanted to put it out there., lol.

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