IIRC Ethanol for fuel is denatured...
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and contains some nasty shxt. Not sure how bad it would be for your skin, but it will you if you drink it. One of the things in fuel ethanol is methanol, IIRC up to 5% by volume is allowed. Another is methyl ethyl keytone. I know methanol on your skin is poisonous, but I don't know at what amount.
Methanol is supposedly difficult to remove by distillation because it has a similar boiling point to ethanol. Ethanol as a fuel additive is nothing like ethanol for consumption. It's held to way lower distillation standards.
FWIW Methanol is the poison in improperly fermented/distilled "rotgut" moonshine that makes you blind. Probably not something you would want in your hand sanitizer.

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