In general true^...but exceptions exist

My best friend basically calls me. He’s concerned. Immunocompromised wife at home. And he’s not fucking around. Surrounded by paycheck -paycheck rednecks that he perceives could endanger him after their govt $1200 check has been spent on meth and burgers. He recently installed a motion detector on his deck w it’s alarm located in his bedroom. He’s stocked on N95s, T100? Or is it P100s face masks - the good shit. Food and meds check.

Owns a AR15 ( we built it last yr. cut an 80) and an old MAC90 AK47. Has only 2 mags of Ammo for AK , none for AR15.

He’s asked to borrow a “pistol” and Ammo all around.

So yeah I loaned him a G17 and a G -xyz the sub compact .45. Who can keep all those Glock #s straight?????? Hell I own a dozen Gs and don’t even know the #s other than the classic G17,G19. Gave him 250 rnd mega packs of .45, 9mm. Plus 240 of x39 and 500 of 556. Loaned. Hell if he’a forced to use any of it he can keep it all and I’ll send him more ! I enough arms and ammo to equip my entire neighborhood then some. Great friend. Thinking about it I should have also loaned him a 12g.

On a positive note I took my twin daughters out to range today. Went thru 500 rnds on MP5, SD, & k ringing steel at 30 yards. The kids rocked out -safe and accurate.

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