HH, Moe, UV germocidal irradiation of N95 respirators *Link* *Pic*

Moe posted some stuff waayyy down below about the possibility of decontaminating 'disposable' N95 masks in response to HH's sloppy seconds dictate. I read the NIH paper and it sounds plausible. Then I did what I always do and started kicking around ebay and guess what I found?

5L Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet UV Sterilizer Heater Spa Salon Tool Beauty Equipment

These things are all over the place from $50-$80. Hell, I'll bet there are fifty of them in every hospital warming up towels and blankets. Why wouldn't one of these work to sterilize a respirator? From what I can see the specs are appropriate. NIH paper indicates a 60 second buzz is all it takes. It warms and/or UV radiates.

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