I've read just about all that's been said and hypothesized lately ctxt
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Me thinks:
CornBirus 19 was mfg by and for the red chinx (rc) as has been stated.
It is not a conspiracy by anyone except the rc.
No one, in the world would conceive and/or implement a plan like this, except for the rc.
No one but the rc would subject the world population to this, except the rc.
The rc do not care if millions die, they have billions. Who stands to gain anything from this but the rc? The rc are overpopulated, can barely feed their population, which forces them to eat just about anything. The rc need all the land, energy and resources they can get.
Who has what the rc want and need? Just about any place that's not rc.
Who has the power to force a plan, like this on their scientific and military personnel, but the rc.
And I don't put it past the rc to use their like thinking nork buddies.
Take it for what it's worth, $0.00. I have nothing to prove. You don't think I'm right, good for you.

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