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I think this virus is a cover for other things namely to strip away more rights from the citizens but also to try and fix a failing economy. Notice how Trump always said the economy is great but have you ever thought about it? If the economy is so great then why are interest rates zero or near zero? That is a sign of a very weak/bad economy. Also the Fed has been giving repo loans to the banks since September and nothing seems to be helping to kickstart the economy. We are a society based on debt. Notice when this Kung Flu became the flavor of the month then all kinds of money was thrown at it, Uncle Sugar is giving everyone free money. This is an attempt to try and revive an economy that is on its deathbed. I wish I could be more optimistic but I can't really. Also now with this shutdown, many small businesses will be eligible for loans. Again Uncle Sugar creating a problem and then coming in to save the day. And farther down the rabbit hole we go.

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