Kabar info, best prices, just ordered one
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Galati International has the best prices. I'd been thinking about one of the full sized D2 steel models, and the damn thing started creeping up in price +$2 then +$4 since the first of the year. Still better prices than anywhere else on the web so I ordered before it increased to more than I wanted to pay for one. It's not a prep for the virus apocalypse, I have plenty. It was just the last item on the want list that is modern and available new, the others on the list being a couple WW2 era US mil blades that are harder to track down and way more expensive now.

Note that some of the Galati listed models are identical knives but come with different types of sheaths.

I researched a few other Kabar models as possible order add-ons including the short version. Seems like the same cross section size blade and grip would be pretty handy if it was 1.5" shorter in the blade and 1/2-3/4" shorter in the grip. As I recall I found the short version is scaled down in all dimensions, so the grip diameter is way too small, although they may be ideal for pre-schoolers.

If you just want a basic solid not-too-expensive fixed blade that is smaller, check out the Ontario RAT-3 or the more expensive but very similar ESEE 3. Both will rust easily so you have to stay on top of maintenance.

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