AZ BCRs - Ben Avery Shooting Facility rates changing.

For those that make it to this AZ Point of Pride shooting range - the largest state-run shooting range in the USA - they're shut down until Mar26 as they define procedures to continue operations during WUHAN. I mentioned I was there shooting yesterday, not realizing it was the last day of normal operations, and they were running every-other shooting bench to maintain distance between shooters.

Anyway, the range will reopen to the public next week on Mar26 with new policies, including an increase in the daily Public Range fees from the current $7/day to $10/day. As you know, buying a daily access means you can go get lunch and come back, shoot later, whatever - so it's still a good deal considering the costs for indoor private shooting in the area.

On COVID19, the main range building where you check in had plastic folding tables in front ofmthe cashiers desk to create neutral space, and I expect more of the same come next week. I'd also expect limits to the number of shooters online and where waiting to get online.

For the naysayers about public ranges, this is a professionally (*and logically / reasonably) run AZ Game & Fish range with archery, shotgun games, 1000yd hih power, private bay's, silhouette, benchrest, small-bore, virgin, and 100-200yd Main Ranges which serves the North Phoenix area as the closet outdoor range just north of the city. The one rule I snicker at is "#9: Automatic weapons are welcome on the range, but must be fired from a supported seated position or from prone." And I know the range officers enjoy the sound of machine gun fire, because they mention it to me.

If you're a holder of a 10-day Range Pass punch card, I'm hopeful they will grandfather these for the foreseeable future. My wife-unit always buys me a few for Christmas (*$70 For 10- days, and when you buy it you get in free that day), but obviously the price will be going up.

This includes some increases for camping fees - yep, you can camp there - and some other range fees. See you at the range,

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