Re: Gun store dude calls ME wanting ammo. Hah.

DO NOT LOAN OUT SHIT. NOTHING. NADA. EVERYONE had the SAME amount of time, obviously not the same amount of cash, of getting ready ready for the coming shit. I wish I had FAL or M-14 clone every time I heard some know-it-all asshole at work or skewl mock and jest about people getting ready. Of course, I would stay out of said conversations. I would confess that "I have two guns", which I do.

Even worse, how many of these same assholes are NOT going to vote pro-gun next election and in future? You want ot see if they really mean to get ready and learn about guns, tell them to join the NRA and get the "American Rifleman" and read every issue. After one year they will know more about firearms than 87.153% of the country and know more about firearms than 94.685% of gun "owners".


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