We are losing our freedoms before our eyes

Just like after 911 when all the people were joining in the Conga line to kill our freedoms with the passage of the Patriot Act, the creation of the DHS, the creation of the TSA, the requirement to show I'D to board a plane, the requirement to show your passport to enter Canada or Mexico, and increasing NSA surveillance of domestic communications.
Now, other freedoms are going to be eviscerated under the guise of protecting us from COVID19, and people will be in the Conga line cheering that as well.
Paper money will soon be a thing if the past. It is too dirty to handle.
Medical care will be more managed by the gov, because only the Federal gov should be in charge of medical care.
Freedom of association is under atrack. Can't go to restaurants, bars, daycare, schools, barber shops, beauty salons, tattoo parlors, Senior Centers, church services, or gyms. Our sawed-off NWO governor, DeWine is being hailed as a hero and a leader by the Media, when he ought to be hauled off to jail.
Yes I have lived though a lot of epidemics and pandemics. This one is no different. But boy, has it been treated differently!
If we were talking about some form of airborne hemmohagic smallpox spreading around, then heck yeah, stay indoors!!! But this ain't it.

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