Think big. Soros big.
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This is about taking advantage of every opportunity - large or small - to further the concept of one world to the point that all humans are under one rule, one set of controls. Soros has been at this a long time, and his Pentamyrid of critical contacts (the Geddys, the Rothschilds, The Pope, the queen,... and Colonel Sanders before he went tits-up!), are hell bent on making sure that everything is in place to further their stance that all humans will be subjugated to their worldwide will.

His virus is China showing what China does best- ripping off the rest of the world's capital and intellect but to lower standards. When Wuhan got out, it worked as a retaliatory strike against Trumps sanctions and trade deal, such that the rest of the world gets to suck right along side us, because China can afford to lose a few million people. They actually get BETTER when that happens. Killing off he weak and infirm helps them, while countries and cultures that favor quality of life get to reap the pains of trying to maintain our freedoms in spite of the pandemic.

End game? It's sill several generations out. It's called one world government, where no individuality exists and all of humanity is just a means of producing for the power elite in

We have met our masters,

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