+1, this was done to incentivize globalism
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The 'game' that was played was actually what they already knew but showcased what they wanted.

Then the 'real time' global reaction to this pandemic has shown anyone who is "aware" and with an IQ over 100 that the fragmented responses to this flu on steroids would have been better handled by a single global power. China, then Italy, Korea, Europe and now the U.S. flailing about trying to stop the hemorrhages of dying people and overloaded health facilities was showcased and prognosticated in "the game".

The answer is that there needs to be a GLOBAL clearing house for items too large and too tough for any one country or even small group of countries to tackle.

It takes a "one-world organization" of really smart, self-elected/selected people that have the legal power to direct every country on earth and with punishments for not "cooperating" to get with their program.

That is what all of this was and is about.

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