Some local sitrep....

The big news is shelter at home quarantine orders become effective Monday. This after Governor Brownstain said just a couple of days ago that there was no need to do so. The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, is going to do it, and I guess she takes her orders from Portlandia. This is the same mayor that has the cops stand down when liberals and anti-fa beat people.

So the restaurants and businesses that are trying to make the current restrictions work by laying off most of their employees, switching to take out, limiting customers to 10 (fed) to 25 (state) at a time, etc. Now it looks like a big FU from the state, you're closed. A lot of businesses are going to fail. And of course the liberals will blame Trump. I'm sure this is by design.

The idiot millennials are totally ignoring any anti-pandemic health guidelines. Right now they're having their spring break fun in large groups. A TV reporter interviewed one and was told that they (youths) are OK and if there is a health crisis it's the old people who need to stay home. Basically crowded tourist traps and vape parties are much more important than being part of the human race and helping others. And young millennials are flocking to parks, which are crowded, with their larvae. The selfish millennial mentality is on full display.

Been going to Home Despot etc during the week. They've been pretty much deserted. Very few people. VIO and I decided since we may wind up being stuck at home that we should stock up on building materials like flooring, etc. Apparently we weren't the only ones. Home Despot was packed. And I mean packed. Everyone must have had the same idea we did. Need to go back for some garden soil and bark mulch. My disc hurts, will either do it later tonight or tomorrow.

Stopped by Hazard Frought for their four foot LED shop light that was on sale. Have three of them in the garage and you almost need sun glasses. They do a damn good job. We need to do some work in the attic plus are taking a lot of stuff to storage. Going to empty the attic out. So this light is going to hang up there and we'll use as extension cord as needed. Anyway, while checking out, the manager is on the phone and I hear him say that yes they had a few steel ammo cans left. Whoever it was wanted an actual count. Down to 26 of them. He hangs up and says he doesn't understand why the sudden interest in them. Apparently they've gone through almost all their stock. I didn't say anything, as I knew exactly why the rush was on.

Meanwhile, Multnomah County leaders have been up to their usual "don't let a crisis go to waste" taradiddle. County social workers are having to work from home and limited their public contact. But, that suddenly changed. Citing the need to keep tabs on the homeless to prevent spread of the Coronavirus, the county suddenly starts putting the homeless into shelters and has even rented entire motels to house them. This at the behest of county leaders. Those implementing this realize that the homeless need supervision, both to take temperatures so those possibly affected will be sent to isolation centers, and to maintain the social distancing spacing of six feet from each other. So the call goes out for county workers to volunteer to do this. The response is an overwhelming no. Because no one wants to be exposed to this disease factory nor wind up being traffic cops for homeless. So now the county supervisors started calling county workers telling them they have been reassigned to this work and can't refuse.

And out of the blue, county leaders and the media are no longer saying the word "homeless". It's now "houseless". Nothing changes randomly, this is by design. Speculation is that the county is engineering a 'solution' to the 'houseless problem' by setting up this situation so that when the crisis is over and the evictions start, some advocacy group will sue to stop it. The county will then agree to the terms and reach a judicially binding agreement. Thus saddling the taxpayers with a situation they do not support. (This is part of the crap driving us to Idaho.)

Have no idea how this new quarantine is going to play out. Need to find out if the cops are going to be decent about it or be jackbooted, vehicle impounding jackboots. I know filling up my truck and driving to the storage unit ain't gunna expose anyone.

"Interesting times" are here.