Desperate Sanders Goes After Biden’s Intelligence

After watching his front-runner status quickly evaporate and falling almost hopelessly behind in the delegate count, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is taking his presidential campaign in a new direction, calling into question former Vice President Joe Biden’s ability to grasp issues.

Appearing in a “town hall” on the Fox News network, Sanders hit Biden for limiting his campaign speeches to under seven minutes and boasted he could talk about issues at length.

“There are real crises facing this country. When I give a speech, often it’s 45 minutes or an hour, OK? Because there are a lot of challenges that the country faces, and I’ve got to talk about them,” said Sanders.

“You know, I think Joe was somewhere — where was he, I don’t know — Michigan or someplace else the other day, and he spoke for seven minutes. I don’t know how you say anything other than, you know, minimal discussion in seven minutes,” Sanders continued.

“We’re talking about real issues, alright? And we can go on for three hours talking about them,” said Sanders. “If I’m going to give a speech to people, and that was at a rally or an event that he held, I can’t do it in seven minutes.”

The new line of attack does not directly question Biden’s mental state but does seem to imply Sanders believes Biden isn’t capable of grasping issues at length.

Sanders then said he was “not going to go to that level in attacking” Biden’s mental state, even though saying “I won’t bring up your mental issues” brings up the issue.

“You know, that’s for people to decide,” Sanders said. “All I can say is Joe and I have very significant political differences. And I’m not going to be making, you know, personal attacks on Joe. That’s not what I do.”

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