buddy made a gravity feed from stream to the property

started with a large abs or pvc and reduced its diameter a few times in the downhill run so that it built pressure by the time it reached his off grid property. i'm pretty amazed how much he built up his home. all the decking was wood framed with those heavy duty plastic pallets centered in them, he dug a deep 2 sided compost toilet, when one side fills, he swings the divider over to fill the other side. dynamo and solar for led lighting at night, terraces and stairs with old tires. zipline type hoist for hauling up/down hills to and from his parking area. just tons of cool shit that plenty of time of your hands tends to create. we welded him up a shower with old bike frames last time we went up to visit. he's building a real house in town now. since his daughter is old enough for school its time to live like normal folks he said.

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