As much as I hate the boating accidents

This may be a time to scale down on the firearms talk. My mailman knows how much ammo I get and the magazines I read. I had to tell this one guy that I left all my guns at my son's house since he bought this enormousgigantic safe. I told him I still had the Mossberg 500 for bad guys.

I tried to explain to acquaintances that bad times are coming and they didn't heed the advice. Ex girlfriend did buy a .22.

Being friendly to the gun shop cashier did get the powder and primers the other day but he doesn't know my name and where I live.

I'm a little curious if the crazy, hateful kayaking antigun female I hung out with is going to give me a call. Hopefully she got the hint when I ejected from the burning wreck.

How does it go again? A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky and dangerous.

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