happening everywhere

If person to person ammo sales were legal here and I could list on Craiglist I could probably recoup my 401k losses in 8 hours. I guarantee you a box of 50rd 9mm range ammo would sell for $100 almost instantly.

fuck. a box of 12g trap and skeet load would probably sell for $100.

NOTHING left on the shelves here based on the reports i've received.

I have a couple of handfuls of stories in the last week of people asking to borrow guns, "borrow ammo", buy their first gun, etc.

I had a poor bastard co-worker who drove 2 hours to buy his first gun on Thursday.... "a Remington shotgun".... NICS wouldn't go through for whatever reason. Drove back to the store yesterday (Friday) and waited all day and it never cleared. Oh well.

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