Gun store dude calls ME wanting ammo. Hah.

You’ll like this . Just got a call from a local gun store owning friend...asking to buy “ factory 9mm “ from me. Hah. His shop is out. He knows I have mega stash. Must be getting crazy out there in the gun shops. I haven’t shopped for Ammo since that big Walmart sale a few mo. ago. Man I got some good deals then !

I was told 1,000 rnds of “9mm” ( don’t know details ) was going for $800.
Was told, didn’t see.

Had a friend call me this morning wanting to borrow a “pistol” along with ammo to feed his AK and AR bc he had only 100 rnds

Here we go. I’m setting up my Reloader to start processing the shit ton of 556 brass I have sitting there. Got nothing but time right now I guess.

But first I’m heading down to the range for some MP5 sand M60 action with my daughters.
Final prep session before the zombie apocalypse!!!! Hahah

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