Years ago you explained this to the guys

Most don't listen, but I thought it was a good read. You explained how they crave security and you were right. We all want some kind of security. Growing up my goal in life was to find a career that gave me and mine security for our future.

You always make me laugh, I still remember when people were comparing how much artillary they had in the back seat and you were explaining the grenades that were rolling under your seat and towards your vehicle pedals. I think they were 40 mm type for the launcher, but I was laughing because I could picture it as a situation I would get in. Should I rear end the car who just slammed on the brakes in front of me, or stomp on the 40 mm grenade and stake my chances. Life is full of decisions, BCR decisions are many times different than the rest of the world's. :-)

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