Cheaper than that, just buy one. *Link*

After all, it is just a piece of paper that hangs on the wall these days. That is why employers value military enlistment and experience far over a degree. You know they at least made it through basic training, so you have some initiative. You were not dishonorably discharged so you did it for several years. I have seen people with "degree's" that didn't understand squat. A guy I worked with was working on his degree in electronics engineering. His final project failed because he didn't understand that a metal stand off on a circuit board was conductive. I seen the problem right off, and he stood there and told me the horsehair brush he cut off to use was non conductive. I told him, no, it is made of steel and it conducts real well. Still insisting that his 4 year degree meant his opinion was more valued than mine, I had to explain to him that the Ohm meter will tell all, so we tested it and sure enough, 0 ohms end to end. Sad part was, he worked beside me as an "equal" on the same electronics job and should have know better.

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