That guy is ready for an incoming Scud full of BW agent

I don't worry about the inside-out glove removal process. I sanitize the surfaces of my gloves to my satisfaction then take them off without worry then wash my hands. If this were chemical contamination, I'd use processes similar to what the YouTube presenter describes. However, if I can denature any virus particles, they are rendered harmless. I also don't use my sleeve as a substitute for touching my face with my hand, as my sleeve may be dirtier than my frequently washed hands. I typically use the back of my hand. It is just a process of keeping track of the states of surfaces, whether washed, sanitized, or potentially contaminated. I don't worry about adding bleach to laundry. Laundry detergent will denature any virus particle straightaway, as will a few minutes in a dryer. I may need my clothes to last, so I am not weakening their fibers with chlorine bleach. When I look around, I'm three standard deviations above the mean on PPE and infection control practices and even China hasn't reached one in ten thousand Chinese infected, so any infection control practices need to be balanced against not stressing oneself out about it.

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