I have never been much of a photographer
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especially failing to remember to take pics before I begin, so I am half done and have no."before" pics. On the other hand, I have so much yellowed/browned vintage gear, there will always be another opportunity.

I am starting out with a baby blue old analog phone that looked more light olive in color. It is overcast today, so I am using my interlock-bypassed UV EPROM eraser lamp and Sally Beauty Supply 32-oz. Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer (i.e., gelled 12% H2O2). For UV, sunlight can be used, or heat can be substituted for UV with potentially varying results. Regular 3% liquid H2O2 from a supermarket or drug store can be used instead of the high-test stuff, and I may try that to avoid striations from unevenness of the slathered-on gel. It is good to avoid letting the gel dry, but some who have put saran wrap over it ended up with unevenness from that. I am just running a half hour at a time, then reapplying to help even out any unevenness over time. I figure six or eight hours total might get it back to blue, but we'll see (unless I splash the H2O2 in my eyes, and then I won't see). Regardless, what better time to buy high-test peroxide without ending up on a terrorist watch list?

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