Bunch of little things

Hi all,
What Im doing.

Answering job ads. Not getting much satisfaction in the form of answers.

Going to clean a lot of the old surplus stuff out of my shop.
Such as any project that has not moved an inch since the wife and I moved to Virginia Beach.

Have an old Sencor Powerite that needs some help.
It's a combination metered variac and isolation transformer.
There are some old style switches (think 60's car radio channel selector) and one of the button caps has gone never to return.
Going to pull that down for repair and print a new button cap to fit.
Perhaps I will print it in a semi clear and give it an internal LED light when pressed.
Might do that to other switches too. It would be unique. Each function gets a different color internal lighting.
May also add a digital readout to it for the output voltage indication.
When I can afford it, replace the volts meter with a volts / amps digital readout meter.
This is a follow up to replacement button caps for the Fluke 8024B meter and an old USB number keyboard.

Re arrange some items on the work bench.

Make new 'feet' for an HP volt meter I have.
Seems when equipment is used 'rack mount' mode, the feet are tossed.
If the next owner wants to use the feet then it's a huge search for overpriced NOS stuff on ebay.
Screw that, make my own.

Have an old 'hand held' scope that eats AA cells for breakfast. Vellman HPS10.
(Some place I have an original NLS mini CRT scope that could use some help)
Either way this would be handy for some exotic kinds of field work.
Going to make one of my adapters from the cheap Chinese two way radio battery to fit it.
Might select a lithium camera battery so that the adapter fits in most of the space the AA cells took up.
Need to make up the mind and keep it there.
With lithium power this scope will run for hours and I can use the same charger the radios / camera use.

Need to clean the range switches on my old analog Leader LBO 515 scope. Getting a little ratty.

Should fix the VCO unlock in my IFR 1100S service monitor.
With that I can work on AM and SSB radios with a bit more ease.
The Cushman 4000 is the thing for FM stuff. It has some limits.

Had a busy prior week.
Changed a memory battery in a buds Icom 7300 radio.

And did a 're cap' job on a 'studio monitor' amplifier used in radio station applications.
That pup was cooked.
Seems the radio station did not believe in forced air circulation in their equipment rack.
So one channel more or less worked, and the second one the gain was way low.
The caps were way off their ESR spec.
So rather than showing less than .5 ohm ESR they were indicating ten ohms or more.
One of the transistors looked just a little bit 'funny' like the measured numbers and the curve were just a hair off and not to be trusted.
If they don't pay for it, I may get to own a 100 watt per channel amplifier, just need to get RCA to XLR adapters to feed it.

Been playing with the idea of printing my own 'Dyson' style fan.
Have a little tiny one on the desk now that is being driven by a 40mm five volt fan.
It's about two inches tall and fairly quiet in operation. Even if I crank 14 volts into the little fan.
Depending on a bunch of factors, may make one with a larger more able fan and build better internal channels to push the airflow around the ring element.

That's my excuse, hope all is well on your end.
Jack Crow

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