For the flu? Staying away from people.

Even more than usual. Which says something.

What am I doing for the hoards of looters that are potentially on the horizon?

I dug my plate carrier out of storage. I used to wear it simply as protection from a stray rifle round at the range, not as a tactical carrier. So I also had to rig it up with some magazines. It’s a ‘90s era pre-Molle style carrier. Luckily it has some integrated magazine pouches for AR-14 magazines, but it lacks configurability for IFAK and what not. Hmmm. I looked online for a more modern carrier and decided not to spend the dollars for that.

I also pulled 16 new PMAGs from storage. Enough to fill the pouches on the carrier, one in the rifle, and 7 more for a .30 cal ammo can. And then pulled 600 rounds of 62gr green tip. All of that is still standing by. I haven’t unwrapped the magazines or opened the ammo yet as I expect to put it all back into storage in about 3 months. In case I’m wrong about that I’m sure I’ll have the few minutes I’ll need to load stuff up.

Other than that I’m still wearing my usual EDC whenever I have pants on. Haven’t changed that.

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