Cooking and freezing large...

...amounts of storable stuff: spaghetti sauce, black eyed peas and ham, etc. Going to the range daily and working on pistolcraft, focusing on only one or two specific firearms. Getting out long stored items and trying to get a rough inventory. Getting the truck mechanically dialed in.

Taking my neighbors some of the frozen foods and checking in on them, letting them know I'm alive and willing to help out (while maintaining "social distancing). I'm probably gonna start broaching the idea of an active "neighborhood watch" once the quarantine become general.

Spending a LOT of time (probably too much) trying to keep up with the therapeutic efforts directed at this critter, tracking HCS saturation, etc.

Trying to keep my exercise regimen going while still getting the shit knocked out of my by these bp meds. It's STILL not under control!!!

Finally, talking to you folks.


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