Google Jeff Sprecher...

...and read my post below on him. I said before I don't give a shit if senator Barbie pulled her money out based on a classified senate hearing. I mind very much that her husband, who is the fucking CHAIRMAN OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, tips off his heavy hitter buddies, thereby CAUSING the subsequent crash and burn.

I wondered at the time what was driving it. Usually in times of uncertainty the market will go down but not like this. This was not uncertainty, this was certainty. He hit a nervous market with very bleak reports from the senate briefing and the word spread like wildfire. I have a buddy here in GA that was called by his broker the same week (before the crash) and asked out of the blue if he wanted to cash out (hint hint). Bless his heart he did not take the bait.

So no, no big deal for Barbie, she's protected from charges of insider trading. Hubby is NOT and the SEC needs to peel him like an orange.


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