Also at the range...

...this afternoon. I've been going every day, trying to hone my pistol skills. I've tried to stick to only 2 guns, my Remington R1 45 double stack and the FN 57. Shooting American Eagle solids in the FN and 230 gr ball in the R1. I alternate each day, today was the 45. I shoot about 50 rounds at 7-25 yards. I'm working on accuracy now, will get to speed later. I really like the R1 but I've got over 300 rounds of the SS190 for the FN and like the idea of being able to defeat 3A body armor without having to go for a headshot.

I'm trying to get used to carrying around the house, getting the feel of the pistol and presentation from the holster. I believe the time may be coming when prudence will dictate a discrete "semper armatis".


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