I just got home from the range myself (Ben Avery), *Pic*

There was a wait, as they were running every-other shooting table. I waited about 10min to get online, but as the dudes were settling in next to me, one of them started lamenting how he thought they sold ammo there (*they don't), and he was just going to run down the highway (I17) and pick some up...

I just listened quietly, as I didn't have any .38spl for his single action revolver. TWO HOURS LATER, dude comes back and rejoins his friend bitching about how hard it is to find .38spl ammo, and how he went to 3 different places and they were all packed and sold out. He even asked me if I had any .38spl, as he has $$$. He was joking with his buddy that they should save a handful of their .22LR so they dont get raped tonight (*his words...).

Some people, even shooters, learn nothing from the past and can't plan for the future.

I was out sighting in the HK SL8-SD - Space Force Sniper edition - with a Steiner 4-16x56 to test as a high volume prairie dog gun and figured out it just isn't any better than 1.5"/100yds - which just isn't accurate enough for my standards of shooting at animals.

This scope will get moved to my Rem700VTR that's a tack driver with my 50gr reloads...

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