I sorta did once as well
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many years ago, hopefully past the statute of limitations.

An upper-level police officer gave me his business card one, had a shiny gold foil badge printed on it. I put it in the clear photo pocket of my billfold with the expectation that if I ever got pulled over, and was removing my. driver's license in that jurisdiction, that the officer might "accidentally" see it and ask if I knew his superior. Maybe I'd just get a warning.

So a short time later, I was in bar during St. Pats, not drinking a whole lot, but sitting at the bar none the less. The guy next to me, with his under-21 girlfriend started fucking with me, obviously looking for a fight. So I opened up my wallet on my knee with the business-card visible, and when he turned around to get in my face again, I just pointed down at my knee, kind of like with the circle game. Needless to say, he and his gf tossed some money on the bar and got out of there very quickly.

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