Any medical/ former medical people please read.

Wife just found out that beginning Monday they are moving her out into a tent into the parking lot of the medical complex she works at. She will be taking the temperatures of patients entering the building to limit the exposure to doctors/staff during the Corona situation.
She has been told she will be issued surgical gloves as a safety precaution.
WTF? They are putting my wife out there screening potentiality infected patients with a pair of fxcking surgical gloves? No hazard pay. The other receptionist is pregnant so they are not making her do it. So it's apparently unsafe for pregnant women, but perfectly safe to risk my wife with pretty much no safety equipment.
Icing on the cake, one of the clinic's patients was just put on quarantine by the CDC, which is what triggered this policy change.
Does she have any recourse other than quitting her job? If she quits her job can she be denied unemployment because she quit due to an unsafe situation?
What would you guys do?
I can put her in an NBC rated mask, the doctor's office isn't going to let her wear it because it'll spook the patient's, but it would probably get them to fire her if she refuses to take it off and then she could get unemployment.

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