You are totally missing the point... We all love to sit around and talk about the Sith Lord Soros and his minions but the folks who really put the knife in your back and twist are the folks who you would think have similar values and a little bit of integrity.

I don't give a shit if senator Barbie (who is my senator BTW) cheated and pulled out her cash. What I'm pissed about is that her hubby, who is CHAIRMAN OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, used the classified briefing info to warn his buddies and thereby drive the massive sell-off that has cost me around $400k so far!

Now there were lots of things floating around that enhanced the "correction"...drop in oil prices, etc. All of the talking heads were unanimous in the inevitable upcoming "correction". I'll even grant you that I'm probably gonna get a lot of it back when the inevitable bounce comes.

You are also correct in that what she did is not "illegal" but just unethical because of her position in the senate. Her hubby ain't no senator and is not protected. If and when we can find a good enough trail of evidence, he needs to go to jail with Mr. Enron and mist Madhoff.


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