When Caddy-littic converters first came out we used to

drop the converter section, using a section of plumbing pipe and a sledge drive the internal components out breaking it into the cutest itty-bitty pieces. Replace converter, get on down the road.

Now cars have their own permanent and well-hidden cell phone/data uplinks that stealthily upload what/who/where/how fast/latest trip to the dealer/gasoline used/emissions data/speed/braking/lateral g's pulled in corners and on and on up to 4 gigs of info A DAY back to the manufacturer/DOT mother ship.

If you get in a wreck, cops can find where you were, how fast, how you braked, how hard and when, and whether you just left a bar or not.

All of the dystopian "future" book stories, such as "1984" etc., are here, now.

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