Knew that from day one. He and his Davos ilk cooked up this entire thing,

and then had the nerve to publish it as a fake "war game" Event 201, which doubtless was simply a code transmission for all the cabal folks in the world when and how it was going down/set their watches.

But then, nah it's just an incredible string of unrelated and completely random circumstances that just so happen to make anxious world-domination mouth-breathers jizz in their pants at the idea of it actually working. And doubtless, this is only round one, since it has subtly telegraphed to the little people/citizens/daytime TV watchers worldwide, that WE NEED(!) some kind of world governance/policeman to organize the planet for if/when/you know it will, the next plague to hit us all.

Yep, signed, sealed, delivered as planned.

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